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Imaginative Children’s Books personalized with your child’s name and photograph on the pages of the story.

Give a child a unique gift they’ll treasure forever with a personalized book. Our selection of books personalized with your child's photo and name features your child as the star of the story.

Looking for a special unique gift or present for a child?

Imagine the joy on a child’s face when they realize they’re the hero in the book they've just received! Our selection of personalized books for kids feature the children who will love them. Kids delight in seeing their name in print and their photo on EVERY page! There is also a dedication page where you can include a loving message to the child. Bright, colourful, and imaginative, customized books are keepsakes children will treasure as they grow into adulthood. Help a child discover the world of reading with a special book, made only for them that they’ll enjoy again and again.

Customized children’s books make ideal presents for birthdays, Christmas, baptisms, religious occasions, and holidays. Personalized kid’s books and gifts are unique gifts both children and adults will treasure. Give the gift that shows you care enough to create something unique.

**We offer FREE Worldwide Delivery - Shipped Direct to you from local book printers in your own country.**

We guarantee that your book will be made with premium quality and that the recipient will love it! We’ll replace your book at no cost if it arrives damaged or has errors.


Book Title: If I Can Do Anything, Anything At All

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Look! I’m In A Book's first children's magical storybook If I Can Do Anything, Anything At All, goes beyond the popular personalised children's picture book featuring children's names. It brings a whole new meaning to personalised children's book by not only featuring their name but also including 17 gorgeous photographic illustrations with your child's face carefully blended caricature style into the images. Join your child on a fun-filled adventure of fantasy and wonder as they dream about all the incredible places to visit and experience.

32 Pages of pure delight with your child's face featured 18 times throughout this artistically beautiful and well crafted unique book.

Sample Book Pages:

With 6 different skin tones available, you can be sure that your child's skin tone is matched as close as possible to their natural colouring to avoid the pasted on look.

Your child will absolutely adore these books and will become a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Available as:
Softcover 8.5in x 8.5in

Preview Online:

Preview: "If I Could Do Anything; Anything At All"


Our Second Children's Personalized Story Book: What If I Were Friends With a Chimpanzee?!?

 Personalized Children's Book with their Photo and Name



Look! I’m In A Book creates unique and amazing personalised children's books that brings amazement and joy to children around the world. Our books are perfect gifts for boys or girls. Perfect for birthday presents, Christmas presents or as a gift for any other special occasion.  Our books are premium-quality books, printed on thick, sturdy paper and designed to last. Beautifully written and illustrated by Linda Hewell, our personalised children’s books will be ones your child will treasure for years to come.

- Who Buys our Books?

Our books are bought as gifts by Parents, Grandparents, Brothers and Sisters, Aunts and Uncles, Godfathers and Godmothers and everyone in between!

- Why buy our Books?

To bring a big smile and lots of happiness to a special child! But also to give the special gift of reading to a young person. Our books grab the child's attention from the start and maintain it throughout the story. They help to get children interested in reading from a young age. That's a gift that will stay with them throughout their lifetime. As well as being a beautiful book, positive messages are learnt throughout and by being personalised in this way it actually helps young children learn to read while being fun and engaging.


What are your photo requirements?

To achieve the best quality artwork for your books, photos must be submitted at the highest quality possible. Please ensure the photos are clear and in focus. Photos taken from your phone may be used but please DO NOT FILL THE FRAME WITH YOUR CHILDS HEADSHOT as this will distort the face due to the wide angle lens in close proximity. A photo taken from mid-waist up will ensure there will be enough distance to avoid distortion while providing a large enough photo size for us to use within the book. We will colour correct any photos that need doing so,


Please submit 1 in focus photograph of your child looking straight into the camera, at eye level.

  • Make sure photos are evenly lit, preferably taken in shade with no shadows falling on the face
  • Photos taken against a blank white or light coloured wall is desirable
  • Girls with long hair to be falling evenly down onto shoulders as close to the neck as possible, neatly brushed or tied up in pony or piggy tails.
  • Smiling photographs are always much better when kids are on a magical adventure :)
  • For reference, please look at the sample book on our website.
  • If we spot a problem in your submitted photos, we will let you know if they cannot be used.


We will also need the following details:

1. Child's first name

2. Age

3. Hair colour

4. Eye colour


How long will my order take?


As these are personalised storybooks with a lot of photos, creating these books do require a little time to cut and blend your child's photos onto the pages of this book. For this reason, we ask that you give us anywhere from 3 to 10 days to prepare and print your order. If you do need it in a hurry, please do let us know and we can rush your order through for an additional small fee if there is a queue. Postage times may vary please allow an additional 1 - 2 weeks for delivery.


We offer Worldwide Delivery - Shipped Direct to you from local book printers in your own country. 


What if I’m not happy with my order?

We are positive you will love your children's own personalised storybook, but we will show you a proof copy photo gallery for you to review before going to print. If your physical items arrive damaged in the post, we ask that you notify us ASAP.