Personalized Books and Gifts For Kids

Imaginative Children’s Books personalized with your child’s name and face in the pages of the story.

Give a child a unique gift they’ll treasure forever with a personalized book. Our selection of books personalized with your child’s photo and name features your child as the star of the story.

Imagine the joy on a child’s face when they realize they’re the hero in the book they’ve just received! Our selection of personalized books for kids feature the children who will love them. Kids delight in seeing their name in print and their photo on EVERY page! There is also a dedication page where you can include a loving message to the child. Bright, colourful, and imaginative, customized books are keepsakes children will treasure as they grow into adulthood. Help a child discover the world of reading with a special book, made only for them that they’ll enjoy again and again.