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Book Title: If I Can Do Anything, Anything At All

Look! I’m In A Book’s first children’s magical storybook If I Can Do Anything, Anything At All, goes beyond the popular personalised children’s picture book featuring children’s names. It brings a whole new meaning to personalised children’s book by not only featuring their name but also including 17 gorgeous photographic illustrations with your child’s face carefully blended caricature style into the images. Join your child on a fun-filled adventure of fantasy and wonder as they dream about all the incredible places to visit and experience.

32 Pages of pure delight with your child’s face featured 18 times throughout this artistically beautiful and well crafted unique book.

Sample Book Pages:

With 6 different skin tones available, you can be sure that your child’s skin tone is matched as close as possible to their natural colouring to avoid the pasted on look.

Your child will absolutely adore these books and will become a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Available as:
Softcover 8.5in x 8.5in

Preview Online:

Preview: “If I Could Do Anything; Anything At All”


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Personalized Children's Book with their Photo and Name