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  1. Take a clear (in focus) front-facing photo from 1 – 2 meters (3 to 6 feet) away from the subject. 
  2. The photo should be of the highest resolution possible. 2Mb works best (No web photos). N.B. If using a phone camera you may have to adjust the settings to take HR or HD photos.
  3. Please ensure the face and hair are not obstructed by any objects (including body parts)
  4. Long hair is best tied up away from shoulders. If leaving long hair loose, make sure all hair falls evenly, neatly and compactly in front of shoulders and as close to the neck as possible. 
  5. The background should be as least busy as possible, although we can work around this. In front of a plain wall or fridge works best.
  6. Please see the below examples of Ideal and non-ideal photos for your reference:

*If we have trouble using the photo you’ve supplied, we will be in touch to help you. Please be aware, though, that this may delay the processing of your order. Thank you.